Digitally Transforming Talent, Industry, and Services In the Middle East and Africa

Our products and services form the foundational building blocks of market transformation in growth markets and ecosystems


Our Products and Services are run by exceptional EIRs

Our Products and services

Our Approach to Launching Products and Services

We identify ecosystem needs that span multiple markets, prototype solutions, launch in an initial market,  then continue growing the product or service in adjacent markets.

digital product commercialization

Terrific Studio helps companies follow proven methods to build and commercialize market leading digital products and services

Employee career Development Platform

Upskillable is the career development partner that helps companies develop their talent to transform and grow their organizations

Price Transparency for the Industrial supply

gearni is a reverse bidding mobile marketplace for the industrial supply and spare parts market for multiple industries in the regions we operate.

Products and Services that We've Partner

We invest and provide specialist services to founders,

 startups and new ventures

Infrastructure Pro Booking Application

We own 20% of this US based platform that is generating revenue and are starting to develop the mobile application

Wellness Professional Booking Application

We own 8% of this Saudi based company that is not yet generating revenue but has many customers and is raising capital

Online Real-Estate Marketplace Platform

We own 8% of this Morocco based real-estate office that is becoming on online marketplace


Our GROWTH Playbook is our approach
to Product and Service Commercialization

Once we start working with you, our team will ask some key questions to clarify what your goals are and what your North Star metric is

Our team will hit the ground running, but while doing so, we’ll review some of the current reality of the business, and your performance against the goals we’ve identified.

We have identified some options to explore and consider that may help you achieve your business goals.

While we have identified an initial way forward, we will further solidify this and work with you to finalize the strategic way forward which defines the exact strategy to reach your goals.

We regularly plan, set specific business goals, execute planned tactics, track performance, and continually regulate specific experiments based on your performance.

We take the most critical business goals that we jointly identified during goal setting and set up a reporting dashboard to track each of the most critical metrics that we identified.

Our Committment

We are committed to innovating in the Middle East and Africa

We create connected networks of innovation

We traveled the region and established connected networks of opportunity from the Arabian Peninsula, to West, North, and East Africa, and beyond.

We focus on regionally relevant solutions

Our products and services solve problems that are regionally pervasive, economically viable, and are integrated with the Zoho Platform to accelerate Go To Market

We incubate and grow talent from the region

Our teams and EIRs are exclusively from the Middle East and Africa and are committed to creating impact in their specific markets and communities and the wider region.


We would be delighted to respond and answer any questions, so don’t hesitate to get in touch.