An integrated sales and marketing technology stack that delivers

We have partnered with Zoho to give you the technology you need to handle B2B sales, marketing, finance, and so much more in ways that other startups can only dream of.

Go from Sales Lead to Cash in your startup bank account with simplicity

Zoho One gives you one system to run your entire business.  It makes integrating your Sales Pipeline, Marketing Technologies, Billing Systems, and all the integrated reporting needed to track all of this incredibly simple

Close deals with set sales and marketing automated processes

Automate your sales process to close deals faster. Automatically assign leads, set follow up tasks, and send personalized follow up emails. You can even map out your entire sales process, giving your team a set, step-by-step process to closing deals faster.  

Accept online payments and manage recurring subscriptions with ease

Automate your customer payment and subscription life cycle from end to end. Automate recurring billing, manage subscriptions, send professional VAT-compliant invoices, and get paid on time, every time.

Take help closer to your customers with next generation support

Make unintegrated support a thing of the past by letting your customers quickly find answers from your knowledge base, raise tickets, or chat with your agents right from your website or mobile app

Optimize your multichannel marketing with marketing tools that deliver

Spread your message across every channel your customers are on. With support for emails, SMS, webinars, events, surveys, social media, and presentations, your marketing team can plan and execute any type of campaign they want.

Turn leads into repeat customers with automated marketing operations

Build custom multichannel marketing journeys to engage every lead and customer. Automatically present each customer with specific campaign content based on key behaviors and preferences.

A VAT-compliant, unified platform for all of your finance management needs

From invoicing to order management to accounting, Zoho’s integrated finance suite has all bases covered when it comes to your finance operations. It has all the features your startup needs to ensure full financial compliance.

Some of the startups and companies we’ve helped

We’re proud to have helped numerous companies who are serious about GROWTH